More information on brand reference Tipco

Tipco on Thaimaan suosituin mehu-brändi.

Tipco is the most popular juice brand in Thailand. Finland was among those very few countries in Europe where Tipco was for sale. We were involved in the import of Tipco from the beginning by helping the Tipco Finland importer (Miitcai) with all necessary arrangements. We have taken care e.g. of the following duties:

    • Import, customs and forwarding issues.

    • Packing and labelling according to regulations.

    • Orders to factory, price negotiations with Tipco, logistics and warehouse arrangements.

    • Building up and expansion of the seller network, account management of wholesale and retail customers.

    • Business case calculations for importer, retail pricing and deliver terms to sellers.

    • Market research and support of assortment decisions (e.g. which juices do the Finns like?).

    • Marketing materials.

    • Design and execution of promotion concept, participation to free sample deliveries and other promotion activities.

Tipco juices were sold for some years mostly in capital region in Finland. The taste was superior compared to competitors. This is why many Finns fell in love with Tipco juices. The sales volumes increased over 100% at best year-on-year, even the juice was premium priced. It mainly competed with more well-known Tropicana juices. The problems with new factory caused Tipco to made decision to withdraw from European market.

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